Platformer controller Demo

Here is a small demo of my current project:

(finished) Features:

- running / sprinting / crawling
- jump / double jump / wall jump / ladder jump
- wall and ladder climbing
- horizontal poles/ropes movement
- moving platforms
- coin/pickup system
- movement on sloped terrain (although not displayed in this demo)
- external forces like wind, explosions etc. (also not available in demo, because it needs some tweaking)
- contextual camera movement (according to current players situation, also some tweaking is required)

Things to be done for the next update:

- different surfaces (slippery, sticky, unwalkable)
- basic enemies and other hazards
- checkpoint system
- player health/lives

Also, as you can notice, there are no player animations, but I’m looking to develop as smooth controller as possible, and after that I’ll move to graphics/animation/UX

Current player model is just a placeholder, it’s made by Bunt Games, available here

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